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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Show 7 - Dr Robert Holden


Welcome to the 7th Merlin's Diary podcast. You can access the Merlin's Diary Search Engine in both the UK ( and the USA(

October's Yoga Magazine
As you may know, Merlin's Diary is growing and growing. It is THE online resource for all holistic event information both in the UK and in the USA. And we have now partnered with best selling monthly lifestyle publication Yoga Magazine to provide their monthly event listings from Jan 1st 2012.

Yoga magazine Publisher Sair Mir had this to say about the joint venture: "Yoga magazine is proud to announce its partnership with Merlin's Diary - the UK's premier online Mind Body Spirit events search engine."

This month our in-depth interview, which is always conducted by founder of Merlin's Diary Barry Durdant-Hollamby and fellow author Neil del Strother, features one of the world's leading thinkers on happiness, success and love. he is the one and only Dr Robert Holden, a loving father, a great golfer and an avid West Ham supporter (bot don't hold that against him!). In the interview you'll hear about what quote, book and person have inspired Robert, what has been the main theme of his life so far, and what he'd say to the 16yr old Robert if he were faced with him now.

As ever we've got competitions running and there are ticket discounts available too - so make sure you are subscribed to our free newsletter (see link on right).

Our chosen cause for the month :
The Animal Healing Trust is based in Wythall which is South of Birmingham near the Worcestershire border. They started in 2008 and rescued 2 horses and now they have 23 horses at their sanctuary. Sue and Richard adopt all kinds of healing on the horses believing in a natural approach, so the horses have Reiki healing, Bowen, Bach Flowers, herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy. The horses are allowed to live in herds to allow their natural ways of being horses to flourish. The residents have all come from different backgrounds be that racing, show-jumping, as pets, animal experiment laboratories and the slaughterhouse. They now have a tranquil heaing environment which they enjoy living in and people regularly comment they receive healing from them.

Founder Sue Gessey recently attended the House of Lords where she received a special award for her work.

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