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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Show 29 - Jo Berry - peace ambassador extraordinaire

The following interview was originally released two years ago and we have decided to use the month before World Peace Day 2013 to remind us all what a difference one person can make. It is one of our most popular and powerful interviews and the original podcast has been edited to feature only the interview itself. If you haven't heard Jo speak, here's your chance - she is a total inspiration!

(From 2011) "This month's Mystery Bar interview, co-hosted by Merlin's Diary founder Barry Durdant-Hollamby and fellow author Neil del Strother, features a remarkable lady, Jo Berry. Jo's father, Sir Anthony Berry, was blown up in the Brighton bombing in the 80s, and Jo has chosen to walk the road less travelled since that time, taking a path of humility, listening and acceptance that is an inspiration to all.

Jo's charity, Building Bridges for Peace -  please go and visit her site, offer support (she's a single mum with children and needs all the help she can get!) - and at the very least get to know her story. You will not be disappointed.

The song featured at the end of the interview is written and performed by the brilliant Chloe Goodchild. The track is titled Singing Field (from the cd 'The Thousand Ways of Light') and can be downloaded straight from

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