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Wednesday 6 July 2016

Show 53 - Hermione Elliott
This month Merlin's Diary Podcast hosts Barry Durdant-Hollamby and Neil del Strother have the pleasure of interviewing Hermione Elliott, a leading light in the world of death and dying who founded the charity 'Living Well, Dying Well' which is helping to re-educate people in how to manage the dying process in a fearless and totally loving way.

With a background in nursing, midwifery, counselling and palliative care, Hermione has worked internationally and lived in Japan for four years, where her book Gan No Serufu Hiringu, a self-help guide for people with cancer, was published. She is passionate about the care of the whole person – physical, emotional and spiritual – and about upholding dignity and self-determination at every stage of life.

In this interview she talks about how she was drawn into this work, explains how a greater understanding of the dying process can help us to live more complete lives and describes why death can be a beautiful process for some.

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