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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Show 13 - Jonathan Horwitz


Welcome to the 13th Merlin's Diary podcast.
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The new podcast is now available for downloading/streaming, and features International Shamanic Studies Teacher Jonathan Horwitz (pictured above), who has been working with Shamanism since 1972 and teaching it around the world since 1986.

In this in-depth interview Jonathan talks about the experience that changed his life when serving in Vietnam, he shares his views on the times we're living in and gives us his thoughts on the use of drugs in Shamanic work. He is a very relaxed and inspiring man with life experiences that are worth their weight in gold. Jonathan currently runs the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies with Annette Host. All previous podcasts are available to stream/download - just
click here.

Jonathan will be coming to the UK to teach in September -

Shamanic Healing
12-16 Sep, Hereford

For more information, see his website

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