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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Show 14 - Joel Young


Welcome to the 14th Merlin's Diary podcast.
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The new podcast is now available for downloading/streaming, and features the creator of Non-Personal Awareness, Joel Young. Joel has had 17 years practicing and teaching in the field of human consciousness, the last 3 of which have been focused on sharing NPA, which 'popped out' in 2007 in answer to a prayer. Joel has learnt alongside Brandon Bays and Byron Katie and sometimes goes by the title “21st Century Heretic”.

In this interview Joel talks about his life including the pivotal moment and the people and writings that have influenced him. He speaks eloquently about the nature of evolving consciousness and 'triality'.

You can find out more about Joel and Non Personal Awareness by visiting this link. You can view his audio tools at the product hub here.

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